Best Choice You Ever Made

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Integrative Internal Medicine combines both traditional Western medicine (Allopathy) and Homeopathy. While Western medicine (Allopathy) was once all about an evidence-based practice, the patients have been embracing alternative medicine more and more over the past few decades. The practice of integrative medicine is the result of that mix — one that can bring many benefits to the patients taking advantage of it.

The major benefits of Integrative Internal Medicine are as follows –

Treating the Root of the disease

Integrative Internal Medicine understands the importance of shifting from a “treat the symptoms” approach to a “treat the whole person” approach. Rather than just addressing the current problem, integrative Internal Medicine looks at the root of the problem — and works towards changing the habits or issues that generated the problem in the first place. This approach is always more effective in the long term because it teaches patients healthier habits that not only heal but also improve quality of life.

Patient – a “Partner”

Integrative Internal Medicine is about becoming a partner in healing, rather than just dispensing medication or recommending tests. In this approach, every patient becomes a partner in the healing process, learning to make lifestyle choices that will impact his future. While an evidence-based practice would look only at studies and drugs that have helped others, an Integrative Internal medicine approach takes into consideration other aspects, such as the patient’s views about treatment, past experiences with healing therapies and more.

Integrative Internal Medicine is also very much focused on taking things smoothly. Rather than overwhelming the body — and the mind — of the patient with lots of changes, the information and treatment moves one step at a time. This gives the body time to adjust and also gives the doctor a chance to see what’s working and what additional changes need to be introduced.

Solving Chronic Issues

Integrative Internal medicine is an excellent tool for people with chronic diseases. Patients with chronic health issues, pain or conditions often suffer from those because traditional medicine hasn’t been able to figure out the underlying problem. Integrative Internal Medicine attempts to bring the entire body into balance — and this often results in a clearing of symptoms much more effectively.

In the end, remember that the goal of integrative Internal Medicine is not to help you get rid of your symptoms, but to address the true cause behind those symptoms. By combining a number of therapies, you will not only see results faster, but you will also find more lasting results.

  • Improved immunity
  • Pain control
  • Improved emotional state, which helps the body ward off disease and infection
  • Reduced nausea, fatigue, muscle tension and other physiological symptoms
  • Less stress and anxiety, which can lower blood pressure and enhance the immune system
  • Smoking cessation
  • Improved mood and outlook
  • Better quality of life

Because of these multiple advantages it is always advisable to opt for Integrative Internal Medicine and it is certainly ‘THE BEST’ choice that you have ever made.