About Dr Sreedhar

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Dr. K. Sreedhar is an INTEGRATIVE INTERNAL MEDICINE specialist, with good knowledge in both ALLOPATHY and HOMEOPATHY. He integrates both these systems to give the best results for all diseases to all his patients. He has a good experience in treating various kinds of Acute and Chronic diseases with the remedies from both these systems of medicine. He knows the best art of Medicine and possesses the complete skill of it; hence, he is known by all his patients as a man of true knowledge in the field of Medicine


  • MBBS
  • DNB – Internal Medicine
  • M.F (Homeopathy) – U.K
  • M.Sc – Psychology
  • MBEH – Electro Homeopathy

Work Experience


  1. Consultant Physician and Diabetologist at
    1. Vijaya Hospital – Madinaguda
    2. KIMS Hospital – Kondapur (Visiting consultant on prior appointment)


  1. Consultant Physician and Diabetologist – Narayana Hrudayalaya Hospital, Hyderabad
  2. Assistant Professor of Medicine, Department of Medicine at “Mallareddy Medical College for Women” Hyderabad

Dr.K.Sreedhar pursued his study in the Modern Medicine, M.B.B.S., from Osmania Medical College, Hyderabad, India. After completing his M.B.B.S., he pursued his specialist degree in Internal medicine and achieved prestigious D.N.B. degree in Internal Medicine. He was then fascinated by the results for various diseases in Homeopathy and studied M.F.Homeopathy from Luton, England. With the aim of treating every person as a complete being – with Body,Soul and Mind – he studied M.Sc, Psychology from the prestigious Madras university, Chennai. He also is a doctor in Electrohomeopathy and holds an additional qualification of M.B.E.H., from Calcutta. He also holds a very good knowledge in the other systems of Medicine, like Bach flower remedies and Biochemic Remidies. He constantly attends the Medical Conferences and Medical CMEs to update his knowledge regularly and to keep abreast the latest in the field of Modern Medicine. He is also a Medical researcher and had contributed a study on “Lipid profile in non-diabetic stroke -a study of 100 cases” to the international medical literature, which can be accessed at – http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/21391374

When Dr.Sreedhar offers the treatment, it means that the patient is going to have –

  1. The Best method of treatment. After discussing with the patient, he chooses which system of Medicine will give the best results to the patient; whether Allopathy or the Alternative Systems of Medcine (Homeopathy).
  2. The Best results which the patient can ever imagine. Dr Sreedhar always aim at giving the best results (RELIEF) to the patients. For that he uses the UNIQUE Integrative system of medicine.
  3. Least medicines and chemicals. He does not believe in giving any unnecessary polypharmacy.
  4. Least side effects. He chooses only those medicines of Allopathy which have minimal side effects and drug to drug interactions, but have high safety profile.
  5. Least complications – He is aware of the complications that may arise in each disease, hence he prefers to be vigilant about any new change which the patients notice in their health.
  6. The best choice to make. You can freely discuss every possibility of your treatment with him and decide about the best choice which is befitting you.
  7. No financial strain – Because he encourages even Generic Medicines for those patients who can’t afford the cost of the tablets.

And lastly, A complete and Holistic care of one’s body and mind.

Why Dr.K.Sreedhar is held in great applause by all his patients?

  1. He discusses the treatment options in Allopathy and Alternative systems of Medicine with every patient, giving free choice to the patient to choose the treatment protocol they are comfortable with.
  2. He tries to explain everything he intends to do to the patient and takes their informed consent for the same, prior to initiating the therapy.
  3. He evaluates in great detail every single sign and symptom of the patient with laboratory investigations.
  4. He initiates the least possible doses of medicines in order to minimize the side effects of the medicines.
  5. He believes in the ethical practice of Medicine.
  6. He does not believe in Polypharmacy and hence he gives a medicine only when really indicated.
  7. Finally he takes care of the person in toto; meaning that he takes a Holistic Approach towards every patient, thus analyzing the Body and Mind of the patients and treating them accordingly.

Dr.K.Sreedhar was awarded the Prestigious “MOTHER TERESA MEMORIAL AWARD” for the practice of  Integrative Medicine, by SUMAN ART THEATRES, on the occasion of Bharat Ratna Mother Teresa Memorial Celebration held at Potti Sriramulu Telugu University, Nampally, Hyderabad, Telangana State, India, on September 12th 2015. On this occasion He was conferred with the title – “VAIDYA RATNA” conferred by Padma Shri Dr.Kakarla Subba Rao, Mr.K.Yadaiah (MLA – Chevella), Mr.Sudhakar Reddy (MLC) and others. Dr.K.Sreedhar obliged to accept the award and dedicated it for the service of mankind all over the world.

Received Vaidya Siromani award from Dr. Laxma Reddy, honorable Health Minister of Telangana on August 27th 2016