Terms and Conditions

The information that we provided on this website is designed to support but not replace the Doctor-Patient relationship. The Information provided here is based on the Evidence based Medical Guidelines of Allopathic (Conventional) system of Medicine, and also the established principles of Homeopathic medical practice. Because the Medical Guidelines change frequently and also vary from country to country, it is beyond the scope of this website to fully accommodate this vast amount of Medical knowledge. Hence it is highly recommended to meet doctor K.Sreedhar in person. We do not treat medical emergencies through this website, hence request you to approach us in person for admission and treatment under the care of Dr.K.Sreedhar, or approach your local doctor for immediate medical care in case of any emergency. Please also note that our Homeopathic medicines are not known to cause any serious medical emergencies.

The information provided here should be examined in the light of individual case evaluation by local doctors. The website developers, Body and Mind – Integrative Medical Centre, and Dr. K.Sreedhar take no responsibility whatsoever of the consequences experienced by the patients who may use the information provided on this website. The Body and Mind – Integrative Medical Centre and Dr.K.Sreedhar team will certainly assure you of the best possible efforts for those who apply for online treatment. However, please note that we do not claim to cure each and every case, nor do we promise any magical cure in any case. Hence, we always encourage the patients to be in touch with our doctors in person or with their local doctors for required medical guidance till the end of our treatment schedule.

The Homeopathic medicines are essentially free from side effects. When we treat you as an online patient, We do not suggest to replace or substitute the conventional treatment which your local doctor(s) provide(s) you. Our organization takes no responsibility for any presumed complications. It is considered that the user has read and agreed to this disclaimer, when one uses the literature on this site and the online treatment option.